IBS: Stretching releases tension in your body

Release IBS tension

One of the first steps to recovering from IBS is reducing the amount of tension you are carrying around. And a really quick and simple technique to release tension is getting in the habit of stretching.

It is something that doctors do not mention. Even cats do it! Yet it is a valuable way of letting tension out of the body that most people have forgotten.

This isn’t new. It’s not rocket science. But are you doing it?

cat stretching

We are all so consumed with what’s on our plate for the day ahead, that we completely forget that our body needs a hand.

And if you have IBS, the chances are that you have quite a lot of tension in your body that you may not even be aware of.

No need to invest in expensive equipment or going to the gym for this. Here are some habits that don’t take up much time, and will instantaneously release tension. And leave you feeling more relaxed!

Release tension with the stretching habit – and see what happens

The best time to do this is before getting out of bed in the morning.  Just take a few seconds to stretch your legs, raising them slightly, and then your arms. And let out a big “aaaaah” sigh. And as you roll over, sit on the side of the bed and arch your back backwards, pushing your shoulders back a little.

stretching out tension

As you stand up put your hands in the air and reach as high as you can on tiptoe for a few seconds.

And at night, when you’re ready for bed, stretch up on tiptoes again reaching high into the air with your hands.

That’s all it takes.

If you do this every day it will help you release some of the negative energy that you may be storing in your body. Energy that gets stuck often in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and in your arm, leg and feet joints.

Please note that this stretching should feel comfortable. Never force yourself. If you do come across any painful joints, then giving them a very gentle massage in a circular motion will be of more benefit. Until they become less tense and more supple.

If you suffer from IBS back pain, this exercise could be just the job.

A Qigong routine to release tension

I am a Qigong fan! I either feel really relaxed or buzzing with energy afterwards. And either of those is great!

This is a great routine to try out at home this weekend when you have 10 minutes, and includes a sequence of different easy stretches in it.

There’s even a timer on it so you can just follow along. And if there’s anything in it you don’t like, don’t do it.

It’s simple but surprisingly effective.

And you can even do it in your pyjamas:)

Yawning to release tension

cat yawning

Another great way to release tension is yawning. Yawning stretches all your facial muscles, releasing muscle tension in your face, cheeks and brow.

Yet we tend to hide yawns. Minimize them and cover them up. When in fact they do us a lot of good!

So have a big yawn before bed – and enjoy it!

If you want to adopt other habits that will help release tension in your mind, you might like this article.

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