Limiting beliefs can make it harder to relieve IBS

Limiting beliefs that can stop you relieving IBS

Did you know that some limiting beliefs can make it harder for some people to relieve IBS? Yes, they can be THAT powerful. See if you recognise any of these 6 limiting beliefs for yourself, and rewrite them:

What are limiting beliefs?

Essentially a limiting belief is a rule (conscious or unconscious) that you are living by.

A belief affects the very cells in your body. If you don’t believe me, The Biology of Belief written by Bruce Lipton PhD, an expert in the field of research in cellular biology, explains this in detail.

A belief may be one you have decided on consciously, because it relates directly to your values.

However there are many rules that are passed onto us. We learn them at home, at school, as part of our culture, and from other people.

And they open or close doors for us about what is possible.

Limiting beliefs open or close doors

Many limiting beliefs we absorb at a young age. They become part of our subconscious programming without us really noticing.

While some are very useful, others can keep us from fulfilling our dreams.

Some are written down, others are merely hinted at – but you know them. Because you don’t feel at ease if you break them.

You may even self-sabotage without ever really understanding why.

The good news is that you can look for them and rewrite them. It can take some practice – or just a few seconds.

6 common limiting beliefs around IBS – and how to rewrite them

I have completely recovered from chronic IBS. To do that I had to blindly believe it was somehow possible to open that door and relieve IBS.

If I can do it, why not you?

I personally believe that each and every IBS suffer can recover from IBS.

Here are 6 limiting beliefs that may be making it harder for you to relieve your IBS.

Do any of them speak to you?

1) There is no know cure for IBS

From I can't to how can I?

Maybe your doctor has told you this or you have read this on authoritative websites. Written by someone who simply doesn’t know any differently.

If you believe this to be fact, then you will finding it harder to relieve IBS and of finding your way out – because you believe it’s just not possible.

To find the way out of IBS, I had to believe I could have better health – even though I had NO idea how to achieve that at the time!

Here is a possible rewrite:

Although I have been told there is no cure for IBS, I choose to keep looking anyway and seek out those people who have triumphed.

Or what I used as a rewrite: This is only temporary. I will find a way out!

Actually IBS isn’t an illness, so you don’t need a cure. BUT you can release the need to have IBS.

2) I don’t deserve to recover from IBS (and enjoy my life)

I don't deserve to get better and relieve IBS

This, sadly, can be a very deep often unconscious limiting belief, often held by someone neglected or abused during their childhood, either emotionally or physically.

Having grown up without a sense of their own worth as a person (through no fault of their own) they may feel a deep sense of guilt, as if it was somehow their fault (which it wasn’t).

And feel they somehow deserve to suffer. That this is their lot.

A possible rewrite:

Whatever I believe to be true about myself and my past, I am an honest person and I’m open to having less pain and more enjoyment in my life from now on.

I would prefer for you to have a nicer opinion of yourself. Because you’re worth it.

But if that’s too hard, consider this: There are a lot of people on this planet who are in great health and are not what you might consider as “deserving”.

What if you can get back to good health anyway, whether you feel “deserving” or not?

3) Life is all about struggle and strife

Limiting beliefs: Life equals struggle and strife

If this is your belief and your experience, then you may struggle a lot in your life.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

A possible rewrite for this limiting belief:

While it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, maybe I could let life be a little easier by worrying less about the details


I want this to be easy! How could I enjoy myself more?

4) Put on a brave face and hide your pain – Don’t show weakness

IBS mask

I think the majority of IBS live like this behind their IBS mask. We do feel weak and frustrated that we can’t do what we want to do.

Yet we are all champions! And this is actually a limiting belief that we can change – even though it feels so heavy and real.

A possible rewrite:

I can show my pain to people I trust, to those who will really listen.


Having IBS isn’t being weak. I show great courage just getting out of bed every day!

6) Getting help means letting go of control

relieve IBS but stay in charge

Getting help should NEVER mean letting go of control. We are so used to giving our power away to people who “know better” we forget just how much WE know.

It is YOUR body and you get to decide.

When my doctor prescribed me antidepressants I said no, I didn’t want to go that route. So trust yourself!

A possible rewrite:

Even if I choose to get help or guidance, I am always in charge.


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