When IBS starts up

When IBS starts: bowel movements have changes and your digestion has gone haywire

Can you suddenly develop IBS? Absolutely! When IBS starts it is often like a flash of lightening. A fuse that blows and reprogrammes our most basic bodily functions to act in a crazy new way. And when your bowel movements changed. But what causes IBS to start? And how can we find the cause of our IBS flare-ups – and get relief?

When does IBS start?

Everyone is different, but it is often in late teens, early adulthood when we are exposed to many new situations and challenges. You can suddenly develop IBS as if it came out of NOWHERE.

What causes IBS to start?

It is often the accumulation of situations that trigger strong thoughts, emotions and tensions that create that very first uncontrollable IBS flare-up.

I felt utterly sick, like a firework display was going on insisde me- and my bowel movements changed. I was told I had prolonged gastroenteritis, and that this was the cause of my IBS. Some IBS sufferers are told it is because of a bout of food poisoning or by parasites.

Personally I am convinced that the “lightening bolt” of overload stretches our systems too far, letting these secondary conditions in. It can leave us less able to fight viruses and pathogens as well as we should, leaving the door open to let them in.

Whatever the cause, we are suffering from imbalance – and it is this imbalance that in turn creates our IBS symptoms, and often other cascading symptoms too, including anxiety, depression and fatigue.

IBS signals imbalance, inflammation and “system overload”.

Do you want to learn to just “manage” your IBS?

Or do you want to turn your IBS around completely – and break free?

Why is finding the cause of your IBS important?

when and how IBS starts

It is vital to understand that when that lightening bolt occurs, it comes as a precise chain reaction to what we are experiencing and perceiving at that time, often an accumulation of challenging events.

The first step to healing from IBS is to firstly understand why this imbalance exists, and where the causes of your IBS lie

This sounds so simple. But IBS is like a rubik’s cube. It has multi facets. And each and every IBS sufferer has their own IBS code to find.

The second step is to find and address that imbalance. This part takes time. It took you several years for you to develop your IBS, and it can take a while to reveal and release IBS triggers. It took me a couple of years. (But on average it takes my clients 6 months.)

The third step intertwines with the second: making space for balance. As you find and address imbalance, with support you can begin to heal the different parts of you that have been over-worked or damaged. The good news is that our bodies are very good a healing themselves, given the right support.

So where can I start?

Firstly, you need to be willing to look back to when your IBS started, when your fuse blew and your body reprogrammed itself – essentially in an attempt to protect you.  Maybe it was a slow start. Or a lightening start where your digestion and bowel movements changed radi. Maybe there was an experience or particular event you can single out, or a chain of smaller ones that took their toll.

Look at what you were experiencing during the 6 months prior to getting IBS.

What were you doing, thinking, and feeling?

Was anything new and maybe challenging?

What felt intense?

How were the people around you, or your family being?

This process can take some time, but if you never start focusing on it, you will never find understand this essential part of your life.

What causes IBS to start? Bowel movements and digestion have changed - and you don't know why

If you get stuck and just can’t fathom it out (it can be really hard to see something that you have been experiencing for years), work with me and I will shine a torchlight into that tunnel. It can save you years of suffering and frustration.

It is vital not to minimise what was going on when your IBS set in. Your mind may rationalise it and tell yourself it was nothing and push it aside. But I can tell you that whatever it was, it was essential to you.