Longing for a life without IBS symptoms

Life without IBS symptoms

Do you find yourself longing for a life without IBS symptoms? Secretly despising all the people around you who can eat and do anything they like?

One day you will be really ready to leave your IBS behind. You will get to the point where you can’t stand living with your IBS any more, and decide to take the leap.

But before you can act, you will need to develop the muscle of courage. The courage to and experiment and follow through.

It took me quite some time to develop courage. I would book appointments with people who I thought just might be able to help me -and then get worried and cancel them.

My mind told me I didn’t want to waste their time, or I wasn’t sure I could trust them – and I didn’t have the money to buy what they were offering anyway.

the mind looking for problems

I didn’t realise that just by talking to someone I could actually find a piece of my IBS puzzle and move forward.

So when you’re really sick of IBS, I urge you to act quickly and courageously, before your mind can talk you out of it.

Have you ever heard, the story of the Bird?

There once was a bird who lived in a cage and longed for a life of fun and freedom (just like you are longing for a life without IBS symptoms).

The cage was nice enough. It was always clean and had a mirror, toys to play with and plenty of food.

But on lovely summer days, the lady who owned the bird would leave the window open so it could get some “nice fresh air” while she went upstairs to have her nap.

Although this was a lovely thing to do, it made the bird miserable.

When the window was open, it could hear all the other birds outside twittering joyfully.

“What joy it must be to be free! Not stuck in a cage…” it thought.

When the lady came down a couple of hours later to shut the window, the little bird felt relieved.

“If only I could be free like them, and fly in the sunshine!” it thought woefully.

Weeks went by, and the little bird still felt the same. It started to feel really deprived and longed for a different life.

Well one day the lady had taken the toys out of the cage to give them a wash. As she went to pop them back in the cage, the phone rang. So the lady rushed off to answer the phone.

In her hurry she forgot to shut the cage door…


At first the bird didn’t notice.

Then suddenly it did!

the cage is open

But I’ll only be able to fly around the room” it thought.

So it decided to stay put.

It longed to be out THERE, in the sun with all the other birds – not just fly around the living room!

When it was time for the lady to have her afternoon nap, she opened the window as usual, and went upstairs.

But she hadn’t noticed that the cage door was still open!!!

The bird felt it’s little heart beating so fast.

It had the ultimate opportunity of coming out of the cage and flying out into the lovely summer air and joining all the others. At last!

free no cage

Then the doubts set in

Although that was the little bird’s absolute dream – it felt a little scared to leave it’s cage…

You see, it had never lived outside in the sun with other birds. It had been a caged bird for so long. And it was afraid of making that big leap. What if ….?

In the cage it felt imprisoned – yet safe.

What if it wasn’t capable enough to be a free bird? What if it didn’t know how?

And the lady would be really upset if it flew away.

Thoughts of fear and doubt came along to fiercely challenge the little bird’s burning dream.

It so wanted to fly away and live life to the full, but…

The bird was still mulling this over when the lady came down from her nap a couple of hours later to close the window. And closed the cage door too.

The opportunity was gone.

[What it didn’t know, was that the same opportunity would come back some years later! Would it then still choose to stay in it’s cage and accept it’s limited life, or dare to claim it’s freedom…?

Will you choose to stay in your IBS cage, longing for a life without IBS symptoms – or will you dare to claim your freedom? You could start developing those courage muscles today.

Try something new. Experiment.

This is how I claimed my freedom from IBS. And it worked!

Inspired by a story from Seth Godin’s blog