2 hard truths about IBS


There are two hard truths about IBS that you need to know to be able to break free of IBS.

Some 10% of the world population are said to suffer from IBS.

Many people are sick of their IBS symptoms and not having a good time.

And yet only a few of them will actually reverse their IBS. Here’s why:

IBS hard truth #1

You have no doubt already tried a number of solutions to relieve your IBS symptoms.

But have you ever dared to consider that you could actually not have IBS any more? For real?

When I have calls with IBS sufferers, a surprising number of people do not allow themselves to imagine living without IBS. And yet, this is key.

Part of our brain is dedicated to learning. And when we learn something, and see it repeated, it gets hardwired into our subconscious.

This is extremely useful. Imagine having to relearn how to walk, or how to drive every day!

All the data around how to walk has been stored so you don’t have to learn it again.

Instead, we do SO many things on autopilot and can focus elsewhere.

[Do you sometimes get home, and not really remember anything about the journey?]

However, the same is true about everything else you have ever learned.

What your parents told you, what you learned at school, and what society has told you.

With IBS, you were maybe told by “the people that know” there is no known cure.

You have read it on “official” websites.

And you have had experienced IBS as something you can’t break free of, no matter what you do.

And if it weren’t for those awful IBS symptoms relentlessly poking at you, you wouldn’t even be looking for a solution.

The door is shut.

UNLESS you consciously go after a different experience – and a different result.

How to turn this belief around


If your belief deep down is “I can’t reverse my IBS” or “I won’t ever get well”, this is what you can do to start opening this up.

Step 1:

Make a list of anything in your life you thought wouldn’t ever happen or be possible.

And that did. (However big or small.)

If your belief is more that “IBS can’t be cured”, make a quick list of all the ideas, new approaches and inventions that have made “impossible” things possible.

Step 2:

Ask yourself this question: What if it were possible? It’s just that I don’t know how – yet…

IBS hard truth #2

There is a huge difference about “wanting” change – and actually going after it.

It’s the difference about “having a go” – or really “owning” it.

I spent 25 years “having a go”. It means you are tentatively trying something new, but not totally invested in the result. At some level you don’t really see yourself getting what you say you really want.

We all do this in some are of our lives. Because we don’t know how, or just don’t have the energy, or are not willing to do what it takes.

With “owning it” you have decided. You’re up and firmly invested in that outcome, walking towards what you want (see photo above). Even if you’re not sure of the how.

Until you take that decision to commit, and start walking towards your IBS-free life, nothing much will change for you.

How to take that powerful decision

Step 1:

Think about ALL the things you want in your life. The things, the fun, the trips, the relationships, the gourmet meals, the children/pets ,the success, the person you want to be. All of it.

Spend a few minutes writing down a list of everything you can think of.

Keep thoughts of regret out of the picture. Just write down what you want.

Step 2:

Next to each of those, now consider if your IBS symptoms are affecting you getting them.

Write a number on a scale of 1-10 of how much IBS is getting in the way of each thing.

(Don’t overthink it, just write the first number that comes to mind.)

Step 3:

Get in touch with the part of you that is feeling frustrated, angry or downright deprived.

And if it feels right, make the decision that you are going to reverse your IBS, no matter what. Even if you don’t know exactly how yet.

Say out loud: “There is NO way I’m carrying on like this!” Say it like you really mean it.

Write it on a piece of paper, sign and date it and put it up somewhere you will see it often.

That seed may sprout immediately, or take some time.

Either way, that seed and the power of that decision will start growing inside you.

And create new possibilities. You have more power than you think!