Fed up with IBS flare up symptoms?

ibs flare

What REALLY causes IBS flare up symptoms?

Is it what you’re eating? Or stress? Is it your gut microbiome? Anxiety? Or something else entirely?

Read on and get a new perspective on what causes your IBS flare ups.

How to solve complex problems

To solve a problem you have to understand it. REALLY understand it.

Some problems, like IBS flare ups are complex. Otherwise you would have solved yours already!

You’ve had all the medical checks and all the tests have come back fine. And yet, you don’t feel fine.

If you find yourself having an IBS flare up, it means that there is more to the problem than meets the eye. Otherwise you would have solved it already.

To solve a complex you have to look MUCH further than everything you have been told already. And be ready to learn something new.

IBS flares and neuroscience

I looked into neuroscience for answers, while researchers were still concentrating on the microbiome. But I wanted to know what is was that made the microbiome swing out of balance in the first place.

I realised that our thoughts can consciously override the body (like when we decide to hold our breath.) And I learned that our subconscious thoughts can too in specific, emoitonally triggering situations.

I found that neuroscience approaches could reverse learned triggers that had become unconscious.

No-one was linking this with health problems. But after a great deal of my own research and experimentation, I immediately saw the link between specific IBS triggers and IBS flare up symptoms.

The only catch is this: every person has different IBS triggers. and those triggers are not often experienced consciously. They are unconscious programs that are set off every time an IBS sufferer hits one of their triggers.

Which is why I started to offer 1:1 coaching, to help IBS sufferers locate their unique IBS flare up triggers.

In the words of Alan Saporta, “the best way to escape a problem is to solve it.”

And you only really understand the ins and outs of a problem thoroughly when you have solved the problem!

Sounds like a catch 22 situation? Well, luckily you can learn from those that have already solved it.

The only thing stopping you now is your beliefs.