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Have you been struggling for ages, and long to beat IBS? Believe me, I know EXACTLY what that’s like.

Here is a brand new testimonial from Susan. She had been suffering long-term from chronic IBS with diarrhoea (IBS-D). And now things are very different.

Congratulations Susan!

Why IBS coaching

“I suffered from severe IBS-D for over 30 years. Being raised by a controlling, narcissistic father, it never really occurred to me that this could be the root cause of my IBS. But I was always “walking on eggshells” and striving to get his approval, never knowing if I was “good enough.” 

Throughout the years, I met with numerous doctors and other professionals – from GI specialists, to dieticians, to hypnotists. Colonoscopies and upper endoscopies showed that everything internally was ok.

Yet, the IBS-D continued – some days rendering me unable to leave my home at all. This, in turn, had a negative effect on my work, social life, and overall well-being. 

Finally, after exiting my second long-term narcissistic relationship (having a narcissistic partner is common when raised by a narcissistic parent), I began to do more research on the correlation between narcissistic abuse and health issues like IBS.

This is when I discovered Alison. We began our sessions in April 2023.” 

Deciding to beat IBS

Susan likes to jet-ski

“Initially, bringing up past issues was difficult, and the IBS persisted – at least for a while. But over time, things got much better.

Now, after decades of being preoccupied with where the closest restroom is, I can actually focus on events and activities that I am involved in.

While I still must be mindful of certain foods and my stress level, my life is completely different now, in such an amazing way!

I highly recommend Alison’s program, as healing from the inside can be life-changing.” 

– Susan W.  

Do you want something just like this?

Beat IBS: The future is exciting

I personally didn’t know I was actually able to feel good.

I had no idea that I could beat IBS naturally by healing it from the inside – without the need for meds, supplements or special diets. It’s something I stumbled on, a gift that my intuition sent me.

Now that YOU know, my wish for you is that you do something for yourself with this knowledge.

That you learn to free up all the time and energy you are currently ploughing into your IBS. And get it back as vitality, enjoyment, free time to do the things you enjoy.

Admiring the scenery rather than looking for the next restroom!

Imagine the life you could have without IBS…

Wondering if you have a narcissist in your life?

Having IBS does not automatically mean that you have a narcissist in your life.

Several of my clients work with me because I have first-hand experience with narcissists.

But I also have clients whose IBS is not linked to narcissism at all.

If you are having doubts, this article on IBS and narcissism will help you get clear.

Sometimes it’s plain obvious. But for me it took many years to realise it. I thought it was just me.

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