IBS: What food to avoid

IBS what foods to avoid

The biggest challenge when you have IBS is trying to work out just what food you can eat – and what food to avoid with IBS. This article will give you new insight into the relationship between food with IBS, plus an approach anyone can use to start improving their IBS symptoms.

Food to avoid with IBS

We see so much contradictory information on what we should and shouldn’t eat to stay healthy.

There are the helpful low Fodmap lists that give an indication of what foods to avoid with IBS. However, what happens when you’re stuck on a restricted diet and find yourself in a corner?

There’s a famous quote by Einstein that says “You can’t solve a problem form the same consciousness’ that created it.” Simply put, it means you need to be open to seeing the problem in a different light if you want to solve it.

While I have been working with IBS sufferers, each time they released their IBS because they were willing to get off the old, tired path of:

Food => digestion => bowel movements

I even see people who don’t actually have food intolerance, but who are convinced that food rules their BM’s. So they are limiting what goes in in an attempt to control what comes out.

But that doesn’t tend to work well for long.

We have heard it SO many times, that it becomes default. Even when we KNOW it’s not all about food, the thought “I wonder if it’s what I ate” pops up. And this red herring keeps us in a constant tail spin of wondering if we’re doing the right thing.

A NEW approach to IBS

Why is it that sometimes you can eat something and not have any problem? And another time a flare-up will come out of nowhere?

Well, what if this were true instead:

Triggered => digestive disruption + /or poop problems

Did you notice there is no mention of food? At all?

I know you’ve read all about how you should “eat right”

There are all kinds of potential triggers. These are the main categories.

Can certain foods be IBS triggers?

Yes, they can. But are you open to seeing IBS in a different light?

What if there were NO foods to avoid?

What if it’s not the actual food itself, or what you’re doing.

But what you’re thinking about while you’re eating it that is triggering you.

This wasn’t clear to me AT ALL when I was trying to beat IBS.  Then I saw it, and my food intolerance began to improve.

Your own experiment

Notice what you are thinking about WHILE you’re eating each meal.

Are you thinking thoughts that make you feel good?

Or are you thinking thoughts about restriction, what you can’t have or do (and other people can), or your current problems?

what food to avoid with IBS

Are you ruminating or worrying? Are you listening to or watching the news?

If you are, don’t feel bad about it. We all do it.

But notice it.

Now that you see what you’re doing, what else could you think about that would take the pressure off instead of piling it on?

Is there another subject you could think about that feels better? Or would it feel better to put on some light music and focus on that and NOT think?  Even just while you’re eating.

Do you need to change who you have lunch with from time to time and see how you feel afterwards? Or at least change the subject when you get onto those same old triggering subjects again.

If you feel good you’ll feel relaxed and light. If you feel bad you’ll feel your usual IBS symptoms and probably feel heavy and tired.

Why not try it this week and see what you discover…