IBS: Our natural capacity to rebalance


We all have a natural capacity to rebalance.

Our bodies and minds are innately designed to rebalance.

Every time we get too hot we perspire to cool ourselves down.

When we get really sad, crying let’s us release some of that sad feeling, and rebalance.

If we push ourselves too hard, we’ll get pain that will stop us and make us rest.

If we eat or drink too much, we may vomit. It’s the body’s way of removing something it can’t handle – and then it can rebalance.

Any time we concentrate too intensely for too long, we get tired or feel a headache coming on – encouraging us to stop and take a break.

As you can see, this clever self-correcting mechanism is part of our extremely intelligent innate design.

So why can’t my body rebalance with IBS?

The only thing that interferes with our natural capacity to rebalance is this:

We override our natural capacity to rebalance and no longer hear or heed how we are thinking and feeling.

Growing up, many of us were taught to listen to others, and not ourselves. So it’s easy to have lost touch with or disregard our own innate intelligence.

When I first started having digestive problems, I pushed them aside. In my family (and maybe yours?) you “just get on with it“. And yet we all feel we have such demanding lives!

However, when IBS hit and seemed to rewire many of my body functions, I HAD to pay attention.

There has already been a great deal of research into the mind-body function and IBS.

In my experience it’s as if we have an invisible well inside us where unexpressed emotions and “heavy” thoughts accumulate.

Naturally the level in the well goes down when we express ourselves.

However, if we don’t express ourselves and let some of the emotions out, there can come a time where that can no longer be maintained.

The well fills up – and then suddenly one day it overflows – like a dam breaking.

Knock-on effects of imbalance

As well as experiencing physical symptoms we can feel particularly triggered by events. We can experience our emotions much more strongly, even to the point of overreacting to small things, and feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

In turn this creates added strain on all our other systems that are attempting to compensate and help us rebalance. It puts strain on our nervous system and our immune system to name just two.

When we get to this point, we are having an increasingly hard time rebalancing.

This can be where IBS starts.

Before our immune system kept out parasites, food poisoning and viruses very efficiently. However it now gets overloaded, sluggish and less effective – and it can swing into overdrive in a constant attempt to keep us balanced.

When it does this, digestion can be either slowed right down (constipation) or HURRIED UP (diarrhea).

Often it can feel like our whole body system has been reorganized. As we feel worse in our bodies, we feel more tired, irritable and negative. Which just keeps the downward spiral of IBS going.

What can I do?

If you want to get back in touch with your natural capacity to rebalance, here’s what you can do:

Allow your nervous system to gradually calm down

You can start by taking some real time to unwind. Even 10 minutes a day is a good start. Just sitting still with no stimulation of any kind. Or if that feels too difficult, just listen to some quiet music, stroke the cat, breathe quietly, staying focused on what you are experiencing (and not your to-do list).

Start emptying the well of emotion and heavy thoughts

(This is usually about past events). You will probably need some guidance to do this effectively. However, life will start to feel lighter and more hopeful.

Learn how to allow emotions to flow

So you don’t fill up the well again! Emotional overwhelm is SO hard to deal with when you are in it. There are ways to let emotions flow, but we don’t ever learn them.

Become aware of how your thinking impacts you

Either in a positive or a more negative way. Become aware of how the downward spiral keeps you sick and struggling. And take baby steps up the more beneficial upward spiral.

Let your mind and body gently rebalance

This is what your body and mind are designed to do. They just need some regular space (without any forcing) and down time.

Imagine getting to the point where you completely release your IBS, and can eat and digest what you like without any “accidents” or flare-ups?

You can try this on your own if you want to, or allow me to be your experienced guide.