Acupressure for your IBS symptoms

Pressure points for IBS

Have you tried acupressure for your IBS symptoms? I thought these pressure points for IBS, in particular for constipation and digestive issues could be useful to you. Although not everyone is necessarily sensitive to them, they are definitely worth trying out. 

WARNING: If you are pregnant you should NOT use acupressure without professional guidance, as it can induce labour.

What is acupressure?


According to Chinese medicine, the body has a total of 20 energy pathways running throughout the body. These are called meridians.

Acupressure is an ancient technique similar to acupuncture, based on stimulating specific points on the meridians. Pressure applied to different points can stimulate a particular body organ or function.

As a general rule you rotate your index finger or thumb on the point for 30 seconds to a minute, gently applying pressure. You can do this every day if you want to, or a couple of times a week as needed.

What I found interesting is that the acupressure points are not always located where the symptoms are.

This is particularly useful when you don’t feel like prodding around your sensitive stomach and intestines!

Acupressure points for your IBS symptoms

While acupressure is generally not a durable solution for IBS, essentially because we are treating symptoms and not necessarily the root causes, acupressure can give you some relief with IBS symptoms.

If you are looking to release your IBS completely, this is what you need to know.

There are some 400 acupressure points in total! I’m just going to present 4 of the most useful pressure points for IBS:

Acupressure for Constipation

Firstly, if you are having problems with constipation, there are acupressure points on your hand, elbow and on the left wrist that you can stimulate movement in your intestines and get things moving. I imagine you may be new to all this, I am including this well-presented video by Yasuko Kawamura so you can see how to find them and stimulate them properly.

Another means of reducing constipation other than acupressure is by using magnesium.

If you suffer with severe constipation, watch this video.

For Digestion and Bloating

Who doesn’t have issues with bloating and digestion!

Lastly, this pressure point called stomach 36 is one of my favourite IBS pressure points. You can find it 4 fingers down from the knee and to the outer side of each leg.

This video by Hilary Talbott, Doctor of Oriental medicine, shows you exactly where to find it.

Stimulating this point regularly can help relieve digestive and gastrointestinal problems, bloating, stress, fatigue – and even nausea and vomiting.

(If you suffer with alternating constipation and diarrhoea, this article explains what could be causing IBS-A.)

Stimulating acupressure points can help you manage your IBS symptoms. Reiki can also bring precious temporary relief.

But wouldn’t you prefer to reverse your IBS instead?