Why IBS is so tricky to solve

IBS is tricky to solve

IBS is so tricky to solve. If it wasn’t, you and an estimated 10 percent of the population would already have found your way out.

And yet there are solutions. Once you understand how IBS works and are willing to dive in fully.

So much “information”

IBS is tricky to solve because there are so many articles published on IBS.

On every aspect though to influence IBS. From food, to medical and alternative treatments, to gut health, to stress, to the vagus nerve. From medical interventions, to pills, plants, stress relief and hypnosis.

Many are closed doors, dead ends.

And there will be a ton more soon written by AI (artificial intelligence) in the name of content creation. Taking what you’ve already heard of a thousand times and regurgitating what doesn’t work and why IBS is supposedly incurable.

noise drowning out IBS solutions

And all that noise is slowly drowning out any effective, lasting solutions.

I write about what I have personally experienced, researched and taken a long time to fathom out.

It is a way out of IBS that takes time and focus, not a quick fix that will leave you frustrated.

It may not be the only way out. But it is one that works and lasts.

I can say this after 8 years of living without IBS symptoms. And I check in on clients a year or two afterwards, and the symptoms they released have not come back either.

Once you understand how your triggers work, you understand too that there is no reason for them to come back, because you have taken out the very root of the problem.

However just reading about it won’t get you where you want to go. You have to fully commit to that journey out of IBS – and actually start walking in that direction.

Lasting IBS relief

Breaking free of IBS symptoms is what everyone says they want.

But surprisingly few people actually are ready to commit time, money, energy, focus and do what’s necessary. So they resign themselves to putting up with IBS, looking for quick fixes, and limiting their lives (and income!)

But I totally get it. Not long ago I was rushing around too, doing, doing, doing, as we were brought up to do.

I had so much on my plate I couldn’t even begin to see what was causing my IBS. (Maybe you can relate).

Work, kids, family, DIY, planning, looking after things, budgeting – and all the thrills of having IBS.

too busy!

Then we moved region, and I had trouble getting a permanent job and I got thrown off the hamster wheel.

Although I would have WAY preferred the money at that time, that quiet time doing less actually gave me a window to observe my IBS from. And that’s when I started joining the dots.

IBS is not so complicated – once you know how

IBS is so tricky because there seem to be so many factors to take into account: stress, diet, your digestive tract and gut health to name just a few. Of all of those, stress is the closest to the mark. But even then, you can know that you “feel stressed” without ever really understanding why.

It has become so normal in society to be stressed, take meds, and carry on as normal. Some “relaxation techniques” may help for a while. Or doing “gut-directed” hypnotherapy. Or any of the mainstream apps that are helping to fill the gap, but are unlikely to get to the deep roots of your unique set of triggers.

Once you discover how your IBS works, everything becomes easier and more focused.

And your IBS symptoms become easier to solve.

Getting expert coaching will save you a great deal of time and frustration. It will show you the most direct route through your specific IBS triggers, and beyond any blindspots.

way out of IBS symptoms

What once looked tricky becomes surprisingly obvious. Just before your IBS symptoms fall away…