IBS and bloating


Do you suffer from regular IBS and bloating? You’re not alone.

Most IBS sufferers deal with bloating. And if you know what is causing it, you can suffer less.

How much are you bloating?

Some people bloat a little. It doesn’t look much from the outside, but there is the feeling of a lot of gas and pressure on the inside.

I started out bloating like this, and progressively the bloating got worse. As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning it would start, continue all day. Then I would spend my evenings trying to unbloat.

Before beating IBS, I was bloating up two dress sizes every day, and felt 8 month’s pregnant.

That’s when I made the decision that this finally had to stop.

I found some welcome relief with essential oils, but to reverse it I had to find the root cause.

IBS and emotional bloating

There is a pattern I first noticed in myself, and then in my clients. Beyond the food and all the other reasons we think we are bloating, there is emotional bloating.

The emotion I find the most often in clients is stuffed down anger.

Often we are not aware of repressed anger in us. However I am intuitive, and I can often actually sense the fizzing, cramping and pressure going on for someone. This can stem from dealing with IBS and bloating itself, but more often is linked to some time or event in childhood when they got angry, and couldn’t express that anger.

Maybe that’s why bloating is so common.

Were you encouraged to express anger as a child? Probably not.

And yet we can be on the receiving end of an adult’s anger and have to deal with that.

associating event with feelings

I repressed my anger so much it burst one day at school and I ended up in a fight with a tall angry teenager whose parents had divorced. It was violent and we hurt each other physically. I was actually shocked at what had happened, and I vowed I would never let my anger out again. EVER.

And the bloating started.

Repressed anger is known to create a whole host of conditions, from depression to digestive issues.

Notice your emotions

If you have decided to reverse your IBS, my advice to you is to start noticing your emotions.

They are more powerful than you might think!

See if you can notice when someome really riles you – and you take it.

Notice why.

Does it feel wrong to express your feelings?

Do your feelings feel too strong to express? (Know that there are safe ways to let it out).

Are you trying not to be like someone who was angry with you?

If you avoid conflict and suffer from IBS and bloating, this could be why.

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