IBS and law of attraction

IBS and law of attraction

The law of attraction is often used in an attempt to have more money. But did you know that you can use it to better understand your IBS?

WARNING: This is a groundbreaking article, so be ready to have what you have learnt about irritable bowel completely shaken up.

Law of attraction: the basics

If you Google law of Attraction you can spend years reading and watching all the info out there.

So let’s make this easy. The law of attraction is a universal law, like the law of gravity.

The principle is simply this: Like attracts like.

Even Einstein endorsed the physics of this principle:

Einstein and law of attraction

Repeating Patterns

Have you ever noticed patterns repeating in your life?

Do you keep attracting the same type of partner?

Similar situations at work, even when you change company?

Maybe people expressing anger?

The same repeated lack of money and struggle?

Similar types of problems?

The same IBS symptoms, whatever you do?

Well this could well be law of attraction at work!

IBS and Law of attraction

So how can I understand my IBS better by seeing that like attracts like?

Firstly, how do your IBS symptoms make you feel?

They used to make me feel frustrated. Powerless to change them. Embarrassed, humiliated and unconfident.

That’s before I cracked the code and released IBS for good. But I had chronic IBS for years, so I clearly remember.

And unknown to me, deep down I was carrying past frustration, powerlessness, shame and humiliation.

These were emotions I stuffed down as a child (expressing them was frowned on).

According to Sir Dr David R Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician and researcher, these are among the densest emotions. And dense energies can create disruption in our minds and bodies.

His research is echoed by the experience of many other people, including Dr Bradley Nelson, a chiropractic doctor and expert in bioenergetics, and my own specific IBS coaching work.

If like attracts like, how can I attract something else?

1) Observe

law of attraction

Notice what’s going on in your body and where.

Not easy when you’re trying to deal with symptoms and keep up with your other obligations, I know. But this part is essential.

Maybe you have a burning sensation in your oesophagus or irritation in the rectum, or on your skin.

Or you just can’t digest anything well.

2) Play the detective

So we’re talking about burning and irritation:

What is irritating you strongly in your life at the moment?

Concerning digestion:

What is it that you cannot digest about your life? (past or present)

This may sound cliché, but you will be surprised just how revealing this type of question can be.

Does this remind you of a past situation, or a person/event from earlier in your life, or your childhood?

3) Release that stuck emotional energy and/or rewire that recurring thought

Sometimes just seeing what is going on will be enough to allow you to make a different choice or react differently in a given situation. An this will in turn begin changing what you attract.

From there you can start dreaming of what life without IBS would look like and feel like.

However, if you have had trauma in your life, you will likely need some assistance in identifying and releasing long-term patterns. Simply because they have become part of your identity and are difficult for you to spot.