IBS: Are you listening? This is worth knowing.

   August 18, 2018


Are you listening?

I have learned a very valuable lesson through beating my IBS on my own: listening is key.

I was extremely surprised to find I that my body could heal itself, even from chronic IBS, given the right support.

We have lost this basic power we all possess. Most of us don’t need meds at all. We just need to sit up and listen to what our body is telling us.

When you burn yourself, your body tells you by giving you pain. What if IBS was a similar process?

What babies teach us about listening

listening to a baby

When we have a newborn baby that starts crying, we listen to it attentively and try to figure out why. 

At the beginning it is hard to understand the difference in the cries. But with time and experimentation, we work out which cry means “I’m hungry”, “I’m too hot”, “I need to be changed”, or “I need to be held”.

We allow ourselves to listen and learn from a baby, and to learn what we need to do to make it feel better.

Think of your body as that baby.

baby crying

How are you treating it?

Are you treating it with the care and attention it deserves?

Are you listening? Or is it giving you physical symptoms to try and make itself heard? 

I wasn’t listening at all – but I didn’t realise it.

I had a long list of things I had to do (essentially based around work and my “responsibilities”) and THEY were the priority. Then I felt really tired, watched TV and went to bed. I didn’t have much time to cook so I bought processed foods that were fast to prepare and eat, so I could get on with what “mattered”. And of course my IBS continued, and got worse.

Does any of that sound familiar to you?  Now you know where you have to start.