Your emotions and IBS


IBS and your emotions

Your emotions are your profound compass in life. Through them you know what is good for you, what goes towards your hearts desires – and what crosses over your boundaries and goes against your values and beliefs. And your emotions could well be hiding behind your IBS.

People who are sensitive are very in tune with their emotions and feel them deeply. Sometimes so deeply it becomes uncomfortable. Others learn to disconnect from unwanted emotions and push them aside.

What we do with emotions

It is not the emotions themselves that cause us problems, it’s what we do with them. In our Western culture we learn from an early age what behavior is allowed and accepted, and what is not. For example, expressing “positive” emotions like happiness, joy, appreciation are valued. Whereas showing anger is frowned on.

We get the message these not so positive emotions are not socially acceptable. However we are not taught what we should do with these “unwanted” emotions. So we stuff them down inside us instead of accepting them and letting them go, making them a wrong and unacceptable part of ourselves.

Dr Tal Schaller

On my journey to recovery, I came across Dr Tal Schaller, a Swiss holistic doctor. He had spent a great deal time researching how emotions can affect our well-being, and how stuffing down emotions can cause disease. In this excellent conference on managing emotions (in French), he points out how tribes he has visited, and untouched by our western social conditioning, have no stigma attached to emotions. They express their emotions fully, both physically and vocally – and they are very healthy. When they experience an emotion, they live it.

In the Western world, we are only allowed to express the positive emotions we experience.

What happens to your emotions

Dr Tal Schaller points out that if we stuff down and disown any emotions, they stay lodged inside of us. Over time an accumulation of repressed emotions and associated negative energy can create physical problems.

For me this used to be a theory. But to recover from IBS I consciously went looking for those stuffed down emotions. And I was nothing short of amazed at the result. I identified my IBS triggers, then the roots behind those triggers, then the limiting beliefs, the emotions and the associated negative energy.  I used various techniques to release these emotions and limiting beliefs, and was blown away by the result. No more IBS.

I found that IBS had been a warning signal all along, my body trying to get my attention.

Paying attention

By realising the value of your emotions and starting to pay attention to them, you can immediately feel the parts of our lives that we live in accordance to who you truly are – and the parts where you aren’t. If you learn to release your emotions, the irritation and imbalance in the physical body can start to subside and heal.

More on HOW to release emotions in upcoming articles…