What causes your IBS?


Do you know what is causing your IBS? I found there was a great difference between what I thought was causing my IBS, and what actually was.

Until you understand what is causing your IBS, you will have a hard time finding lasting relief.

And that’s what we all want, right?

Does food cause your IBS?

IBS causes: food?

I was SURE that food was causing my IBS. After all, that’s what I read everywhere. Over time I had developed food intolerance, and I was sure that what I ate had a direct effect on my IBS symptoms.

The only problem was that no matter how well I ate, I still had unexpected IBS flares.

I never seemed to get it right. And when I started making headway, I found that I had become sensitive to a new food type.

Eating became really complicated! (You can probably relate…)

I am not here to tell you that food is not causing your IBS. After all, everyone is different.

However, in my coaching practice I have noticed that when working on other IBS symptoms like diarrhoea, the “digestion” part can suddenly improve.

Clients that have previously been following strict elimination diets suddenly stop. And they start eating, enjoying and digesting the foods that caused them havoc before.

Does stress cause your IBS?

what causes IBS: stress?

I used to assume that regular stress was just “part of life”. It was one of those things that you just had to deal with and had no power over. Except doing relaxation exercise in an atempt to feel better.

That was until I noticed that I was stressed in situations where other people were not.

And I felt fine in situations where another person would feel really anxious.

There are always very good reasons why we feel stressed and our body reacts.

However we often learned those reasons a long time ago. And thankfully it is possible to unlearn them.

My clients learn to release what makes them anxious, and suddenly find themselves feeling much calmer in the same situations that used to trigger their IBS flares.

Needing to be right can stop your progress

To find my way out of IBS, I had to give up needing to be right.

Everyone wants to be right. It’s human nature.

I had wanted to be right for many years – and that stopped me making progress.

It was only when I was willing to let go of being right that I could open my mind to new information.

And actually have a new experience.

When we are not 100% right, it doesn’t mean we are wrong either. It just means that there is more to a problem than we can see at that point in time.

Be willing to be wrong. To unlearn, and discover what causes your unique IBS symptoms at the root core.

It will boost your progress like never before!