Your IBS Christmas survival guide

IBS Christmas survival guide

Christmas is a taxing time for IBS sufferers. So here’s your IBS Christmas survival guide with a few tips and tricks to try out to enjoy Christmas more this year:

The golden rule to your IBS Christmas survival guide

You know what happens every year at Christmas. You try to “fit in” and make light of your IBS.

Until that flare-up hits and puts you – and your sense of humour – out of action. FAST.

This year, do yourself a favour and decide to stop putting other people first.

Although there may be pressure on to please everyone else but you – YOU are the most important people in your life. YOU are the one that has IBS and has to suffer flare-ups.

No, this isn’t being selfish. It is good self-care.

YOU know what you need to have your best experience of Christmas, and these will probably include:

  • Food you can digest
  • Drink that your body can handle
  • Some quiet time out

Food you digest the best

If you are in your own home, you can have what you need easily.

And if you decide that you want to treat yourself, be OK with that, enjoy it FULLY – and accept any consequences.

However, if you are with friends or relatives, getting the food you need that you digest best can be hard work.

Oh go on have some of these LOVELY Brussel sprouts – and some more of that garlic and wine gravy!”

If you need to, decide to take your own food.

Yes it will be hassly, but you will be more in control and have a better time overall.

Just remember to inform the person who is doing the cooking a few days BEFOREHAND that you will be taking your own food, so they get used to the idea.

Drink you can handle

Again, at home this is easier to plan. And you know what type of drink you tolerate the best.

If you are going round to someone else, take your own drink with you. Even if it’s a bottle of mineral water. So you can have what you need when you need it.

You’ll still have to ward off the insistent glass filling. Your host wants to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. But you can politely decline and fill your glass with your stuff instead.

You want to have a good time and YOU know what you need.

Some quiet time

Let’s face it, this can be the most challenging part of Christmas: Too much stimulation and other people can be overwhelming to your system.

So ask yourself this question:

How am I going to get some necessary down time? So I can enjoy Christmas more, even with IBS?

Pre-plan this into your IBS Christmas Survival guide. And make sure you put it into action.

Maybe you can get outside, go to the bathroom (before you actually need to), or even plan to have a nap. Or you could plan to not stay too long and rest at home.

Maybe this is the first time you are considering putting you and your own wellbeing first. It may ruffle a few feathers, but remember:

You’ll feel better, enjoy yourself more – AND you’ll be more fun to be with too!

Alternatively decide that this is the LAST Christmas you’re going to have with IBS.

After all, you’re made for more than IBS! Have a great Christmas!

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