IBS Solutions Awareness Day

Awareness of IBS solutions

April 19th is IBS Awareness Day. Awareness around IBS is important, because it tends to be an invisible handicap, seemingly without solutions.

People think of IBS as being like just a little tummy ache. If only they knew the whole story!

People who suffer from IBS don’t tend to talk about IBS. From the outside it may show itself as someone being picky at the canteen. Or bringing their own food. Let’s face it, most of us try to hide the embarrassing symptoms and try to carry on as usual.

But here’s the thing.

While you have IBS in your life, it takes up a great deal of your bandwidth and focus. And can slowly take over and limit you to a bland diet and little or no fun activities like travelling.

Back while I had chronic IBS, I felt like a pale copy of myself. I felt so hemmed in and alone with IBS.

You can get to the point where you enviously watch other people having a great time, while you feel increasingly deprived.

However, despite popular belief, there is at least one way to stop your IBS symptoms coming back time and again.

Awareness of IBS Solutions

Although IBS Awareness is important, and IBS can be tricky to solve, I want to promote the awareness that IBS can be reversed. I have done this myself, and my clients are successfully reversing IBS symptoms as complicated as life-long IBS-D (with diarrhoea).

While doctors and in fact most IBS associations talk about how to manage IBS, I’m here to talk about actually reversing IBS, so your IBS symptoms don’t have to keep going round and round and keep messing with your life and plans.

Please spread the word

Can you help me spread the word? I am finding it difficult to be heard amongst all the noise around IBS. All the articles on restrictive diets, medication, treatment, all geared to improve IBS, but not to actually break free of it.

Do you want to just “manage” IBS symptoms? More is available.

So if you know someone who is really struggling with IBS, or see articles on social about “managing” IBS, please share this post. The more of us that are aware that solutions to reverse IBS symptoms actually exist, the more options we have open to us.

Imagine a world where IBS didn’t exist any more, and we would be free to use our time, energy and focus on other things?

Breaking free of IBS isn’t easy – but it is possible if you know that option exists.

Knowledge is power. Please spread the word.