Is your IBS worse in the morning?

Is your IBS worse in the morning and makes you rush?

For many of my coaching clients, IBS is worse in the morning, which causes that crazy IBS morning rush. Why does IBS tend to be worse in the morning, and what can you do about it?

How many IBS sufferers live mornings

For me, IBS would start in the morning as soon as I opened my eyes. The bloating and abdominal cramps started immediately – and I had no idea why at the time.

Since then I have worked with IBS-D sufferers who were literally woken up early and forced to run for the bathroom – even on weekends. And had to run back several times in the midst of their morning rush getting to work. NOT a nice way to start the day.

And others who are wondering if they will be caught out later, or even on the way to work, and spend a lot of time trying to go in the morning.

Why is my IBS worse in the morning?

Everyone’s IBS is different. But what I have noticed is that many of us wake up anxious.

Worried that we AREN’T going to get to work on time beacuse we need to spend time in the bathroom.

Anxious that we will have an IBS “accident” on the way. Or need to stop en route and find a toilet.

Trying to rush our systems because that’s what we are told we have to do!

And generally not feeling confident or relaxed AT ALL about the day ahead and how our bodies are going to be.

Wondering what to eat for the best.

That unsettled feeling often starts the evening before, when we don’t know if we’re going to get a decent night’s sleep. And be able to function properly if we don’t.

That’s not a good place to be in. I was there for some 25 years. And I’m SO glad that’s changed!

What you can do instead

I have found a way to break the IBS morning cycle:

Find out what (or who) triggers your IBS at a deep level – and release those triggers.

Imagine what mornings could be like if you could:

  • get a good night’s sleep
  • wake up feeling like you slept
  • not have to waste a load of time in the bathroom every day
  • not have an IBS morning rush
  • have the luxury of sleeping in and relaxing at weekends
  • even fancy (and fully digest) breakfast – with no after-effects?

I have watched client after client do this. Imagine what YOUR life would be like without IBS…