Reverse your IBS


Can you reverse IBS symptoms? Yes! (Although officially you can’t, I have done this, so it’s not just a pipe dream!)

If you could too, how would you spend your life and what would be different in the year ahead?

How much time would you save?

reverse IBS - save time

Do you know roughly how many hours do you typically spend on your IBS each week?

Probably more than you would expect!

I used to spend around 25 hours a week on my IBS. What about you?

If you want to quickly check, you can use these guidelines:

  1. Planning for IBS: ________ hours

This includes things like:

  • Buying special foods
  • Working out what you can wear
  • Working out what activities you hope to be able to do
  • Googling about IBS hacks and relief

2. Dealing with IBS: ________ hours

This includes things like:

  • Time spent in the bathroom/on the toilet at home, or while out
  • Extra time spent getting ready to go out
  • Going to see doctors and getting tests and meds
  • In bed/off work/in pain

3. Recovering from IBS: ________ hours

This includes things like:

  • Time after a flare-up where you just don’t yet feel yourself
  • Resting and waiting for things to improve
  • Cancelling arrangements last-minute
  • Hours of lost sleep/ not sleeping well

Total: _____ hours/week

This is for your eyes only. There’s no need to feel bad about it. You are where you are.

And there are A LOT of people in the same boat. As you know, I used to be too.


If you could reverse IBS and feel better.

What do you LOVE and want to do more of?

How much money could you save?

reverse IBS - save money

Just for fun, you could do the same for how much money you spend on IBS every month.

How much are you spending on:

– special foods, clothes, medical costs, tests, meds, over-the-counter meds, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, extra toilet rolls, etc?

Remember to include anywhere you’re not earning money, or not earning as much as you otherwise would (through no fault of your own) and passing up on promotions because of IBS.

Add it up x 52. How much is that per year?

This is the fun part:

What would you spend that money on instead?

How much enjoyment could you get back?

Reverse IBS - enjoyment

Are you made for more than IBS? The answer is a resounding YESSSSS! Yet despite our best efforts, IBS tends to steal our enjoyment and energy.

Imagine you could reverse IBS symptoms this year and get some fun and sparkle back.

What would be different?

What would you start enjoying again that you haven’t in a long time?

Maybe your thing is dancing, hiking, travelling. For my clients it’s often the simple things they used to miss because of their embarrassing IBS symptoms.

Can you reverse IBS? The answer is YES!

Rather than just wishing, why not work with me and start to reverse your IBS symptoms. You have SO much to gain!