Unlocking the secrets to natural IBS Relief

Natural IBs relief

If you are wondering if you can get some natural IBS relief without the use of meds or products, read on. This is exactly what I did to get some relief from my IBS symptoms, and that you can do too. It is not the only way, but I found this really helpful when my IBS symptoms were really bad.

A path to IBS relief

I thought I had a growth mindset. I learned 4 languages that I didn’t know before. And I went to live abroad.

Yet by the time I hit 30 I was actually pretty sure of how the world worked. I had my fixed opinion on most subjects.

My IBS was getting worse.

I had had tests, been to specialists, had a colonoscopy, but I still wasn’t getting any relief. All the people who were supposed to know manifestly didn’t.

My mother had once been in contact with a faith healer for long-term tennis elbow. She had no idea how it had worked, but it did. So I decided to find someone similar who might be able to help me. The person lived 2 hours away across the border in Belgium. As a last resort I went a couple of times when I felt really bad. And I did get some welcome relief.

However in my mind my fixed view on health hadn’t really changed. And although I was getting some relief I didn’t really understand this “energy thing”. It all looked a bit weird.

That’s when I discovered that I needed to understand something to really get on board with it.

Learning about natural relief

Fast forward 10 years. My daughter had been really suffering with her teeth, to the point that she was sleeping and digesting really badly.

My dentist, who is a great dentist, had no idea what was going on. Neither did my doctor, or Google.

We had moved across France, so I had to find someone new. And they gave me the word “Reiki”.

I went home and googled Reiki and came across a short on-line course.

The course was all about the history of Reiki first in China and then in Japan, and the detailed and specific how-to’s of Reiki.

Finally, there was an appointment to receive Reiki. I was asked to lie down on your bed at a specific time and “receive”.

Long-distance across the world? That all sounded very strange. But I was curious.

Curiosity killed the cat – or did it?

Try new things

If you don’t try anything new, how can you get a different result?

This time I was in for a BIG change. I had fallen asleep on the bed and felt tired. But apart from that, nothing seemed to have changed.


That was until I went outside to get the mail, and met my neighbour. And I suddenly felt a huge whooshing of energy out of the palms of my hand.

It was SO hard trying to act normally with that going on. And from then on I became conscious that I could put my hands over someone and bring them relief. Especially burns and inflammation.

Unlocking the secrets of natural IBS relief

Unfortunately energy has been made out to be some weird woo-woo or super spiritual thing reserved for “special” people.

The truth is that we ALL have it. It is the energy, or life that flows through us.

It is as natural to us as breathing. But we seem to have forgotten this through the centuries.

When you hit your knee, you automatically put your hand on it or rub it gently to feel a little better. This is why.

There is no other magic behind it. But you have to become conscious that you have this ability.

In the same way that you become conscious that you can ride a bike.

We are limited by what we think. And new experiences can open up our thinking about what is possible.

How to use your natural energy on your IBS

You can use energy work on yourself to help reduce inflammation and reduce pain in any part of the body (including intestines and any part of the digestive tract) and support your body’s innate healing mechanisms.

So you can use it to soothe IBS symptoms including indigestion, GERD, bloating, rectal inflammation, skin inflammation, and potentially to ease constipation and diarrhoea. And get some short-term relief.

Simply rub your hands together a few times (10 times?), to warm your hands up and stimulate the energy flow to them.

Then place your hands directly on, or over where it hurts. Gently focus on that place, and keep them there for 5 minutes.

Like everything it can take some practice (to become aware of what you are capable of!)

If you are too tired, you can use my energy tool specially designed for IBS instead. I spent several years honing my energy skills and learning to direct energy.

Most people will experience some welcome TEMPORARY relief. 

How to get long-lasting IBS relief


The best way I know of to get long-lasting relief, is to release your IBS.

If you want to release you IBS, you will need to go further:

Find your really deep triggers (that are making your body irritated and reacting with IBS symptoms) and release them.

That’s how you can reverse your IBS, and durably free up all the time you spend every day on your IBS.