What IBS is costing you (and what to do about it)


There. It’s happened again. One of your colleagues vacated a job you’ve been wanting to do for AGES.

You applied. But you didn’t get it.

Even though you are qualified.

Even though you know you’re better than the person they chose…

So if you’re ideal for the post, why didn’t you get it?

Why you’re not getting that promotion

There’s a deep answer to this.

IBS is quietly sapping your confidence and stealing your focus (and income!)

And they can SENSE it.

Somehow they sense that deep down you’re not as confident and ambitious as that other person. Not because you’re not brilliant.  Simply because you never know what is going to happen next.

It’s alright for THEM.

They have more energy, ambition and focus!

THEY aren’t rolling around all night with abdomenal cramps or indigestion.

And THEY can plan a meeting and know they’ll be there on time.

While there you are stuck in the toilet, trying not to make any weird noises or smells!

Let’s face it, while you’re trying to deal with your IBS, you can’t feel confident.

You never know how you’ll feel. Or when you’ll need to discretely rush off to the toilet next.

So you can’t be as focused as other people are.

And that feels SO unfair.

A personal cringe story

There was that time I went with my boss to a trade fair in view of showing him what I was made of, and getting a well-deserved promotion.

I was working in food marketing at the time. And I loved the job.

I’ve always had a thing about chocolate. And my boss was taking me to a chocolate trade fair!

I was so excited!

“Dave, I’d like you to introduce you to Alison, our Product Manager.” That sounded, and felt good.

“Come and try our new chocolate coated macadamia nuts and see what you think of them!” Dave said enthusiastically.

Dressed in my smart dark suit no-one could tell I had IBS. They didn’t see the hidden elastic bloat-proof waistband and bra extender. It was covered up by my jacket.

I excitedly followed them over to the tasting stand, and took a bite of their new product.

Their chocolate covered macadamia’s were amazing.

BUT in that second I knew…

Fast forward 1 hour. I was doubled up with a full-on IBS flare-up, violently sick and my boss had to take me back to the hotel.

Talk about make an impression!

After that I decided to leave the job of my dreams. And teach instead. It was better adapted to IBS.

Is IBS limiting your opportunities – and your income?

Maybe currently you are in a similar situation accommodating your IBS:

  • Taking lesser roles
  • Not doing/getting the job you want

You’re likely not getting promoted, and not earning what you could.

Not because you’re not capable. Because of your IBS and IBS pain.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 have IBS in the world. That’s a lot of people.

And we’re all wasting a huge amount of time, energy – and potential on IBS.

And I don’t want that for you.

What if you could REVERSE your IBS? And get all that potential back – and earn more

If I have managed to beat long-term IBS and get my life back, you can too.

So why not work with me and claim your health, confidence, and income?