What causes bloating of the stomach?

What causes bloating

What causes bloating in the stomach is different for each person. And the level of bloating can go from and occasional and mild to persistant chronic bloating. Here is some new insight into some of the traditional causes, plus another cause I often see in coaching clients.

Bloating and food

how do you feel about food?

On many official medical websites you will find articles on what causes bloating of the stomach related to the foods you eat.

I recommend looking at this from a different angle.

How do you feel about the food you eat?

Do you feel bad that you are eating “the wrong foods”?

If so, please hear this. Judging yourself badly is probably triggering the bloating.

What can you do instead?

Decide to make peace with whatever food you are eating today. Let go of fighting with food. And let go of judging yourself for what you are eating.

Whatever you are eating today, let it nourish you as best you can.

Bloating from stress

Have you noticed that when you are stressed you bloat more?

And that’s where everyone sighs because stress is just that thing you have to put up with, right?

Well, no.

Did you know that you can release stress and IBS triggers?

When you unlearn the reasons you feel stressed, you no longer have to feel stressed in a particular trigger situation.

not stressed

Either you will feel fine and have a new much improved experience – or you will decide to go off into a different direction. Either way, chances are that the bloating will improve.

My body told me I was in the wrong job. I started a job that looked fine on the outside, but proved to be mission impossible on the inside. And as the months went by I got more and more frustrated – and more and more bloated.

To the point that I would bloat up two dress sizes during the day. And spent my evenings unbloating.

When I finally got out of that job, the bloating improved a lot. And I embarked on my journey out of IBS and into Release IBS Coaching, which I find incredibly satisfying!

Bloating from feeling frustrated and unfulfilled

chronic bloating from frustration

I often work with lovely high achievers who have done everything they were told to do to “get ahead”. However, they feel frustrated and unfulfilled on many levels.

And that bottled up frustration can often trigger bloating. Chronic stress can cause chronic bloating.

Many women were taught that their priority should be to please others. And they are not getting much enjoyment for themselves.

Many men are stuck on the traditional hamster wheel of being the breadwinner. And are not enjoying their lives much either.

Maybe bloating is your body’s way of telling you to go a different way and do more of what lights you up.

Today, how can you enjoy what you are doing a little more? Or how can you do more of what you love?