Your IBS is not your fault

Your IBS it's not your fault

Have you ever wondered what you have done to deserve IBS? Well the answer is “nothing”. Your IBS is not your fault.

Even if you may have family members or colleagues who don’t really understand what you’re going through, and insinuate that it’s you.

They don’t know. They’ve never had IBS.

Your doctor

Your doctor may have told you that IBS is psychosomatic. And you may have Googled that and read “all in your head”.

And that just makes you feel so wild.

So let me reassure you.

Your IBS is not your fault.

And it’s not all in your head either.

You do not consciously create it.

Your IBS is not your fault

Your doctor needs to tell you that it’s not your fault.

Firstly because we already feel such pain and shame around IBS.

Secondly because “psychosomatic” doesn’t mean that it has been made up by you.

(Seriously, why on earth would someone?)

And it doesn’t mean that you are crazy either.

Psychosomatic means an UNCONSCIOUS reaction between the brain and your body.

It’s like a routine that is re-enacted every time you hit one of your specific IBS triggers.

The good news is that research has given us the power to choose a different outcome.

A smart alternative to putting up with IBS

not all in your head

There is an alternative that not many people are seeing.

In the 1960’s (yes as long ago as that) research into neuroscience and specifically neuroplasticity came up with an amazing discovery.

Some very clever researchers found that we can get access to our unconscious reactions. And change them.

Imagine uncovering your IBS triggers.

What if you could then un-learn some of your unconscious IBS trigger loops?

And no longer have to put up with the symptoms?

Wouldn’t that be incredibly empowering?

This is the work that gets me REALLY EXCITED!

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