Abdominal pain on the left or on the right

IBS: abdominal pain on the right side or abdominal pain on the left side

Abdominal pain is one of the typical symptoms of IBS. It can be abdominal pain on the left side. Or abdominal pain on the right side. Or even abdominal pain upper middle!

Wherever you experience it, that pain can feel like something gnawing away at you, and stealing your focus.

Or it can feel like you’re being stabbed in the gut – and feel overwhelming.

Get abdominal pain checked out

If you are dealing with this often, do consult a medical professional to make sure that “It’s just IBS”.

Although I didn’t enjoy having a colonoscopy, at least it put my mind to rest that it was not something more sinister, like colon cancer.

My doctor told me to increase fibre, exercise more and reduce stress. And gave me an antispasmodic to help with the spasms causing the pain.

Only the antispasmodic worked (I was very grateful for the relief nonetheless). Until it didn’t any more.

And then I was on my own.

What may be behind abdominal pain

You may be wondering if abdominal pain on the left side is better or worse than abdominal pain on the right side. Or even abdominal pain upper middle.

According to The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases by Jacques Martel, the whole area of the abdomen is related to relations, feelings of resentment, and your gut instinct about events.

In reversing my own IBS I had to find, and release, a number of IBS triggers. Resentment around people was one of those.

Some questions to ask yourself

Are you experiencing relations at home, at work, with family that are difficult?

Are they making you feel tense – or tired?

Where are other people are not hearing you, and you are feeling more and more resentful?

Maybe these remind you of someone or something in your childhood?

Does something feel off in your life? Like there is a big elephant in the room that you can see – but no-one else seems to?

You may not immediately find something. But now that I have asked you the question, see what you notice over the next few days.

If you would like private coaching to help you reverse your IBS and feel so much better, why not work with me?