IBS: Do you trust your gut

trust your gut

Do you trust your gut with your IBS, and your health in general?

Maybe you were lucky, and you were brought up and taught to trust your gut instinct.

However that is not what has happened for most of us.

We were taught that we don’t know, that what we feel is not what we should feel.

And that messed up our internal GPS system.

Do you trust your gut with your IBS?

When we no longer trust ourselves, we doubt what we are doing, thinking, and feeling.

Life gets very serious and worrysome.

To get some sense of control we learn how to do things “in the right way”.

We use logic, and follow our minds. And what other people say.

This strategy can work. For a while.

But at some point we are faced with a problem that we can’t solve with our logic.

So we ask other authority figures to tell us what to do.

Because they know.

And when that doesn’t work, we assume it must be our fault.

That we must be doing it wrong.

Worse still – that something is wrong with us.

Our brains

Using our two brain hemispheres

But here’s the thing.

We have two sides to our brain – but we are taught to use only the left side.

Most of us rarely use the right hemisphere to solve problems in innovative ways.

We think it’s only for “childish” things like dreaming, painting, creating, music. Those things that don’t pay the bills. (Even though they may make your heart sing!)

What if the easiest way through life is using BOTH...

Along with the other wisdom in our bodies we have forgotten too.

When you can’t trust your gut with IBS

Science has shown just how many neurons are in other parts of our body other than our brain. They are found especially in our gut and our heart.

There are some 100 million neurones in the human small intestine alone!

And some 40,000 neurones in the heart, known as the “little brain. The heart even has it’s own nervous system that can set off pain.

If you suffer with IBS, as I did for years, you most likely can’t feel your gut instinct that well. All you can feel is pain in your gut. Could this be a message telling you that you’re not listening to yourself?

Years ago you lost that more subtle intuitive knowing in your gut. When the bloating and the cramps took over.

heart armour - when we no longer trust

Luckily the heart can also communicate it’s own wisdom. However, many of us have also put armour around our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves from hurt.

And just use the left brain to get through the day.

Releasing your armour

It’s only when you can begin releasing all this accumulated hurt and dissolving the need for armour that you can have more contact with your internal GPS.

It will whisper to you the easiest way through life. You can get relief and life can actually become fun again.

Armour - when you don't trust your gut

You may even find yourself with talents you didn’t know you had.

Once I had released my IBS, I was so surprised to discover a talent for feeling energy, for sensing another person’s deepest IBS triggers (even the ones you’ve forgotten), and for abstract painting. What????

I believe that many of the greatest and most gifted people in history were in tune with their internal GPS.

Today’s takeaway

Here is one habit you can start today that will help you reconnect with ALL your intelligence:

Start believing yourself again🙂 Because deep down YOU know!

This is what you used to do NATURALLY. Before you were told (or shown) that you didn’t know. Before you got the impression that you couldn’t have what you wanted.

It’s what you used to learn to walk and talk! When you allowed all that natural curiosity and your gut instinct to lead.

What if all this time you did know – and you CAN have what you want in life? Even a life without IBS!

Allow your own GPS system to slowly start working again. Stay open to learning something new.

And see what happens…

Trust your gut with IBS. And if you have tried everything and feel lost, use my articles to help to get your bearings!