The courage to change IBS


Do you have the courage to change your IBS? I didn’t for many years. I just thought IBS was my lot in life, one I would have to put up with.

Until my IBS got so bad, that change became the only option. And pushed me forward.

You may have heard “The courage to change” by Sia, but you may not really know the lyrics. We really “don’t have to stay, stuck in the weeds”.

It takes courage to change your IBS, to take a stand for yourself and not put up with IBS “as usual”.

But know this: We are supposed to want better – and get it!

Read on and find out how you can start today.

How I finally found the courage to change my IBS

After years of chronic IBS, I was 45, on holiday, bloated up like a beach ball, flipping through a women’s magazine to take my mind off things. I was SO sick of IBS!

As a turned the pages there were articles on “Make delicious summer meals!” and “Feel fabulous this summer!” I really felt I didn’t live in the same world as other people who don’t have IBS.

Then an unlikely article caught my eye. It was about a man called Georgia Knap, and who had cured himself of many different ailments and health problems. He was born in the late 1800’s and lived to be 80, which was uncommon at that time.

His secret: Doing something every day to support his health goals.

And this is where I started.

I realised that finding the courage to change IBS woud come by taking a tiny step every day.

And by keeping my focus on what I wanted: to beat IBS

I didn’t really know WHAT to do, but just having the attitude of supporting my health, rather than dragging my messed up body around, became a powerful foundation to reversing IBS.

Doing something every day to support your health

The courage to change IBS every day

If you want to find the courage to change your IBS, a great way to start is by taking a baby step every day.

Here are 8 simple but powerful ideas to get you started. Try one a day, then rinse and repeat, add to them, or mix them up and you will have enough to keep you going for months!

Note: How you feel about doing something for yourself and your body is as important as what you do.

If you see these as a drag, they won’t be very beneficial. So get in the mood for treating yourself well:)

  • Stretch to release tension at regular intervals today.
  • Take some time out for fun today!
  • Make today a no coffee day. What do you fancy instead?

Which one will you choose today?

If you want to get better faster, consider getting expert help with finding and releasing those triggers. So, like me, you can finally say “Ciao” to your IBS and thrive.