IBS: Don’t beat yourself up

with IBS don't beat yourself up

We’ve all done it. After a hard day we’ve eaten that dish that we know we’ll “pay for”, had a few crisps or had a glass of wine, secretly hoping to get away with it. With IBS don’t beat yourself up. You’re just human!

Let’s face it, it’s hard being confined to a limited diet with so much delicious food around.

And then our worst thoughts get confirmed, and the cramps start. And we know we are “in for it”.

This could be a good time to get out your IBS flare-up action plan!

What beating yourself up does

If you start by thinking that you are at fault, this will only make things worse. Some people really talk to themselves badly, thinking:

“Stupid – you KNEW that would happen. Why did you do that – AGAIN?”

(Whose voice does that remind you of…..?)

We all have days when we slip up, or when we want more. And it’s no big deal. It’s part of being human.

You already have a flare-up to deal with. That’s’ enough, isn’t it?

Don’t beat yourself up about IBS

Be a good friend to yourself

If your friend did this, I’m sure you would find something more compassionate to say, like:

“It’s only human to want to be able to enjoy a variety of food”. And you would sincerely mean it.

Be that friend to yourself. And let yourself off the hook.

Magnificent photo by Sarah Richter

Giving yourself permission

Food is supposed to be a pleasure. Something we look forward to, that nurtures us, and shared with others. Unfortunately this is not what happens with IBS. Food becomes that very touchy subject at every meal. Especially if you deal with food intolerance.

And don’t forget that there are times where you eat exactly what you should – and get a flare-up anyway. Despite doing your best. So with IBS, don’t beat yourself up. You’re really doing your best, every day.

Please don’t look at eating something “sensitive” as self-sabotage, and that you are failing. Or that there is something wrong with you, because that’s just not true.

You’re just doing your best, living with IBS. 

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