Your IBS and research


IBS and research

There have already been major breakthroughs in many areas of medical research over the last 30 years. And we have knowledge from ancient wisdom largely ignored by Western medicine. Yet no-one  seems to have been joining up  the dots of IBS. I have.

Joining up the dots of research

Western medical practitioners have become more and more specialised and overworked. And it would seem that this research, this breakthrough knowledge has had difficulty permeating down to those who need it the most.

When I was told I would have IBS for the rest of my life I believed my doctor and GI specialist at first. But when I went back because my symptoms were getting worse, I was just prescribed medication.

I couldn’t digest that. And my gut instinct told me that my IBS was not just about diet. I have a Masters degree so I am used to documentary research and seeking answers to questions. And I like experimenting and thinking outside the box.

So I started looking around at breakthroughs in mental health and compulsive behavioural syndromes, neuroplasticity, the brain-gut connection, the breakthrough principles of cognitive therapy,  linking these with the principles of Chinese and holistic medicine, energy flow and energy blockages, and Ayurveda. I came across research by therapists and homeopathic psychosomaticiens outlining emotional and belief-centered reasons behind many physical conditions.

By linking all these together I began to understand my IBS, the big WHYs behind the condition. I went out and invested in all the different modalities that I could find, and sorted out the ones best adapted to taking back control over my IBS.

Do you really want to manage IBS symptoms?

To my surprise I was able to totally recover from IBS. I could finally understand where IBS was coming from (essentially my body, mind, suppressed emotions and energy flow) and take control.

Yet reading around, all I see as hope on the horizon is taking meds, eating depressing diets and managing symptoms.

I am so passionate about this because we are all spending too much time, money and wasting our lives suffering unnecessarily.

connecting the dots

I don’t manage symptoms.

And I don’t need to follow a special diet or buy strange foods.

Plus I don’t take products of any kind. No expensive probiotics, no enzymes.

I know why my body needed chronic IBS as an alarm system. And why it doesn’t any more. That is freedom!

And I am no superwoman. But you do have to be absolutely sick of IBS and committed to change to succeed. Once you understand your IBS and have a roadmap,then you can just follow it.  If something new comes up in your life, you know that you can deal with it without the need for flare-ups any more.

The most recent research on IBS is largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry and centered on symptoms.

Are you willing to wait while you life goes by, taking meds and managing symptoms?

Or are you ready to get ahead?