IBS: What you don’t know – or do you?


The HUGE frustration with IBS is that you don’t know how to get rid of those symptoms. You wonder what you’re doing wrong, and despite all your efforts you still have a flare-up that will seemingly come out of no-one and wreak havoc.

When I say you, I mean WE – because that used to be my life too.

A major obstacle with your IBS

Here’s the underlying problem with your IBS: You have been taught from an early age that you don’t know.

Yet, you learned to walk without a lengthy instruction manual or a college degree.

You had no clue about the intricacies of gravity, how to do each movement, or any process to “get it right”.

Little by little you discovered your body, you built up your muscles and balance – and tada!

You never questioned your ability to walk – and you just did it.

And you didn’t have someone telling you didn’t know. They just let you get on with it, and cheered when you took your first steps.

IBS you don't know - but you knew how to walk

Then you learned to talk, without learning any complicated grammar rules. Talking wasn’t dissected, explained, theorized – you just played with it. Only if you ”got it wrong” were you taken to see a speech therapist to “correct” your speech.

Control feels safer. It’s black and white. There’s an accepted rigid “right way” of doing things, and anything outside that is considered dangerous or foolish.

And a child learns fast that “the wrong way” makes adults upset or angry.

What you have been taught you don’t know

You have been taught that even though you are vastly capable, you know how to do a myriad of things, and have overcome SO many obstacles in your life – you don’t know (and can’t know) about your IBS and your own body.

And you are taught that your doctor, experts know better than you. They can certainly help you understand physical problems from a medical standpoint. And this can be valuable, depending on the problem.  

If you have a problem with your car, you call the garage to fix it. If you have a problem with your body, you call the doctor. Makes sense, right?

But here’s the thing. And you know this deep down. We are much more sophisticated than a car.

Our overall physical health is intrinsically linked to how we feel, how we think and what we believe.

The IBS superpower you don’t know you have

And here’s something you may not know – YOU have the power to get well and reverse your IBS.

You just have forgotten that you have that superpower inside you, so let me help you remember!

Your IBS is actually showing you where you are upset in life, where you have a silent tug-of-war going on inside you, and where you don’t feel happy and safe.

The hidden gift inside your IBS is priceless – if you take the time to unwrap it.

PS: I’m really good at untying difficult knots!

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