Are you in the dark with your IBS?

Do you feel in the dark with your IBS?

If you are feeling somewhat in the dark with your IBS, read on.

When you are in the midst of everyday living it can be really hard to understand what’s going on with our IBS. It can seem so unclear which triggers are causing what type of reaction, and you can end up feeling thwarted and just tired of it all.

Getting clear when your in the dark about your IBS

Maybe you have already realized this, but there are many different types of IBS triggers. Because IBS is strongly linked to digestion, this is where IBS sufferers, and doctors, logically concentrate all their efforts. However, this is only part of the mind-body-emotion-energy equation.

Rewinding the film

Rewind the film

You are here today with specific recurrent symptoms that are driving you mad.

This is where you are now: in the dark. But to find the underlying problems or triggers to your IBS, one approach is to rewind the film.

In the same way a detective goes back and inspects the scene of a crime, go back to when your last set of symptoms started up and look for clues. But this time take NO notice about what you were eating.

Examine the scene as if you had no problems with food at all.

Why? So you can pay more attention what else is going on in the background that maybe you haven’t taken any notice of before.

How were you feeling, what was going on?

Be sure to also consider look links with other seemingly unrelated physical conditions, especially types of inflammation or problems with the immune system.

You would be surprised just how often there is a relationship between them, different expressions of a same root problem or unresolved past experience.

Why Diana is in the dark about her IBS

Diana has had IBS symptoms for the past year since being prescribed several courses of antibiotics. She is stuck there, taking prescription meds that were not really helping much with her IBS symptoms.

By reading around she finds out that taking antibiotics can really mess up the gut microbiome as the antibiotics have a tendency to kill of some of the “good” bacteria” in the gut, thus altering the balance of digestion. She may even have developed Candida, Sibo or have H Pylori.

She could get treated for that, but the underlying problem has not been solved – and will probably be back. This is where many people get stuck.

An essential question is missing: Why did she need antibiotics in the first place?

antibiotics and IBS meds

It was to treat tonsillitis (inflammation).

What caused the tonsillitis? What was going on in her life back then?

The tonsils are part of the immune system, filtering what goes through the throat.

Was she not being listened to, or having trouble expressing her needs? What emotions come up when she thinks back?

When the immune system is inflamed it is an indication of imbalance, in your body, your thoughts, your emotions and/or your energy.

By seeing and feeling what was at the origin of the problem, she can start address that and re-balance. Yes, she will also have to treat the cascading physical problems, but once sorted, they will have no need to come back.

Digging deeper

Why do I have IBS

Dig deep into your symptoms and your flare-ups.

Look for what triggers you. Everything. Not just food.

And use these 4 keys to help you.

Dig deep into your story and any other physical conditions you may have.

What do you notice?