Why am I so tired?


so tired

One of the most difficult IBS to deal with is feeling so tired. The overwhelming impression that you have a million things to do, and no energy to do them with.

I don’t know about you but just getting out of bed was a real strain for me. I used to wake up feeling so tired that I just wanted to stay there.

As soon as I opened my eyes, a switch inside me seemed to start the bloating off. It would take me about 20 minutes to emerge. I just seemed to be tired all the time, and getting through the day rather than living. No matter how much sleep I got or what time I had to wake up the result was the same, even on vacation.

You’re supposed to go to work, be creative, reactive and generally be on the ball. I saw colleagues buzzing with energy – even my mother who is in her seventies had far more “go” than I did.

So what’s going on?

One of the main culprits is poor digestion

Digestion is a vast subject. I will be dealing more with the multiple causes of bad digestion and multiple solutions to better digestion in future posts. But to get you started:

What you should know:

  • Poor digestion during the day makes you sluggish.

Difficulty concentrating, no energy? Don’t look any further for the cause. If you are digesting badly, it takes your body much more time and energy to process what you are eating.

  • Bad digestion stops you sleeping well

If your sleep is affected by bad digestion then you cannot recuperate as you should. You may not even be aware of it but you probably toss and turn during the night. I was convinced I slept OK, despite feeling so tired.. The only indication that I had been turning all night was that the hair on the back of my head was like a bird’s nest every morning.

  • Poor digestion is robbing your body of vital nutrients

When our digestion is off-balance, our bodies are not as efficient in absorbing nutrients. If this continues for long periods we can find ourselves low in key vitamins and minerals that make us feel tired.  Do be aware that anti-reflux medication also reduces the level of nutrients your body absorbs.

  • Poor digestion cramps the stomach and often makes us want to eat to calm it down.

Sound familiar? About an hour or so after a meal you reach for something to soothe the stomach. A coffee? Biscuits? Cake? Crisps?

So tired? What you can do: 

There are no miracle fixes for this, but some good habits will take you in the right direction and give you more energy:

1)  Avoid trigger foods as much as possible, particularly for your evening meal. To help identify your trigger foods, read this.

2)  Eat your evening meal and then stop. Whatever you eat later on you will probably be digesting all night.

This is easier said than done. Even though I knew I was going to pay all night for that packet of crisps, I had had a long day, I was tired my stomach was cramping too much.

3) Try using essential oil of exotic basil to relieve stomach cramps and abdominal bloating.

I had tried everything and nothing was working on my bloating. I already had trouble digesting over-the-counter medicines because of their lactose coatings and unnatural formulas.

One day I came across essential oils at my local pharmacist.  This was a breakthrough for me, and certainly helped me reduce bloating and digest better. And this small improvement helped me sleep better and not feel so tired.

This essential oil is known for its powerful anti-spasmodic properties. It relieved my stomach cramps and reduced bloating. Here is how to use it.

puressentiel exotic basil

4) Try to identify your IBS triggers that are interfering with your digestion.

This is not a quick fix. It takes time and patience. But for me THIS is the long-lasting way out of feeling so tired and stopping IBS flare-ups coming back.