Where is IBS pain?

Where is pain for IBS

Where is IBS pain typically felt?

  • In the stomach
  • In the abdomen (upper and lower, right side or left side)
  • In the intestines
  • Around and inside the anus (as inflammation/ hemerroids)
  • In the back: Many people also complain of back pain, particularly, lower back pain.

The sensations can be very different too: From pressure and bloating, to cramping, to inflammation and burning.

Where is your IBS pain?

I actually began to realise that while knowing the WHERE is interesting, it did not help me find solutions or get any relief from that pain.

(Although I did finally break free from ALL my IBS symptoms.)

In my own experience the pain changed and in some cases worsened over time. For example, I found myself developing joint pain, and jaw pain. It is amazing where tension will lodge itself in the body when we don’t let it out.

I didn’t make much headway with IBS until I began to stop considering my body like a car. And taking it to be looked at as if I had faulty body parts.

Our natural state

What I didn’t realise back then (before I reversed my IBS) is that our bodies are incredibly sophisticated. They do so much without us ever realising.

Our natural state is to be healthy:

If we cut ourselves, our body self-repairs. If we break a bone our body self-heals.

Things go wrong when we send them out of balance. That is something we can do especially with our powerful minds. Unconsciously. With our thoughts, our beliefs, our experiences, and especially our hurts.

Our emergency system

When our brilliant minds associate an event with strong emotions or not being safe, our usual bodily functions and states are overrun by the emergency system.

This system can close down your digestion and cause constipation.

Or push food through your system really quickly and cause diarrhoea.

It can knock out your usual awareness and logical thinking (brain fog/loss of concentration).

And make you feel numb (so you don’t have to feel that stress).

It may cause regular low-grade bloating or full-blown IBS flare-ups.

Or make you bloat like a Puffer fish.

Where is IBS pain? For some, it is intense bloating

Your IBS pain triggers

Whatever your particular emergency system, you learnt it a long time ago. It may be your own, or one passed down by your parents.

Today it is setting off IBS symptoms every time you hit your unique IBS triggers.

And regularly adding new ones.

Certain foods may have become triggers. But this is not just about food.

The good news is that if you find your IBS triggers, you can avoid them.

Here are a few IBS triggers to get you started.

Better still if you release your IBS triggers, you can release your IBS symptoms.

This is how I beat chronic IBS. And how my clients can stop thinking about where their IBS pain is – because they no longer have it.