How to reduce flare ups of IBS

Reduce flare-ups of IBS!

Sometimes we know what causes flare ups of IBS, but often times they just come out of the blue – despite all of our efforts to “eat right”. Here’s what you need to know to reduce IBS episodes.

How long do IBS flare ups last?

How long do IBS flare ups last?

How long flare-ups last really is different for each person, and can evolve over time.

For example, at the start of my IBS, each flare up would last for 3 or 4 days – and then I would be fine for several weeks until my next one.

25 years later, I had flare-ups every single day that never stopped.

Now I have no IBS symptoms at all. (If you want to know how, keep reading!)

And my clients IBS episodes are all different, and can typically last from anything between 24 hours to 10 days.

What causes IBS flare ups?

This is what led me to finally look deeper into what was causing my IBS. It just seemed that whatever I ate or did, nothing much changed.

And the flare ups kept on coming.

I am naturally good at seeing patterns. But I just couldn’t see this one. Because I was just focusing on food.

Once I started to focus on my emotions rather than food, then I started to notice the patterns:

  • I noticed the situations at work that I really didn’t feel good around.
  • I saw what I spent time doing that I really hated.
  • Everywhere I was saying yes, when I really wanted to say no.
  • I got to tune in more to situations or people that suited me. And those that didn’t.

Finally, I came to realise why I hadn’t been able to digest the food I loved.

How to reduce flare ups of IBS

Here are 3 ways I have tested that helped me reduce IBS episodes and get relief:

1) Notice your IBS triggers

As you go through your week, notice those situations that stir up strong emotions inside every time you encounter them.

And avoid them as much as possible.

Notice if there is any improvement in your IBS symptoms when you do this.

2) Release the emotional sting

The emotional sting is only there because at some time your mind has made a negative association with what is in your environment:

how triggers are created

Over time your unconscious mind has learned this as a rule. It has become an IBS trigger. This is why that every time you encounter that trigger, your IBS starts up.

To release the emotional sting, work with someone who can see your IBS triggers, and help you release them.

That way you move out of avoiding, and live a much more spacious and fun life (and diet!)

Reduce IBS episodes and enjoy life more

In my case, I was able to release ALL my IBS symptoms and flare-ups by releasing the emotional charge that was knocking my health out of balance. And this has worked for my clients too.

3) Get your gut health checked out

If you have been suffering with IBS for a long time, you may well have developed subsequent digestive problems. And you may be finding it a real challenge to reduce flare ups of IBS. So it’s smart to get your gut out for different kinds of dysbiosis (imbalance of gut bacteria) : Candida, SIBO. And H Pylori.

If you are experiencing a high level of food intolerance, consider getting checked out for Leaky Gut.

For me, conditions like Candida, Sibo and leaky gut are symptoms, not the root cause. So it would be wise to deal with the emotional strings underneath if you don’t want them to come back.